FLORY STRUCT-TECH has built strong relationship with leading companies to provide world class engineering and construction solutions to our clients. Our partners list has grown to include:

The TRACTEL® Group was born in 1941. TRACTEL first successes started when it acquired a license for the Griphoist® hoist, a pulling and lifting machine that operates with a wire rope passing through the machine. The Griphoist® hoist was a revolution as it made it far easier to manoeuvre various types of load. The numerous patents are a testimony to the functional and industrial application improvements made over time. Flory Struct - Tech is Tractel's representative in Nigeria.

Pursuant to Chapter VII, Part IV of the Communications Act of 2003, the Federal Government of Nigeria established a Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) to facilitate the rapid achievement of national policy goals for universal access to telecommunications, information and communication technologies (ICTs). Flory Struct-Tech Limited is approved by the management of Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) to establish and operate USPF subsidized Co-location Infrastructure Project in Nigeria.